First to last..?

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You can blame Hugh Roberts. He mentioned in a comment made several days ago, an old post, written in a moment of sheer elation. And he mentioned the video that had accompanied it. I had to go back and look. Ever since I did, the music has been following me and my body has felt the yearning to move.

I have always been a dancer at heart. When broken bones meant the pointe shoes were no longer an option, I turned to ballroom dancing, taking lessons at Porritt’s Ballroom in Farsley… housed in the converted Wesleyan chapel… where I had watched my mother dance too.

The Wesleyan Chapel that would become Porritt’s Ballroom. ©Leodis

Mr and Mrs Porritt had opened their ballroom in the fifties, I believe. They were passionate about dance and opened the doors to its magic for many people, my mother amongst them. Mum was a good…

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