The Cat’s Whiskers

Peacock Poetry

Living with our three feline companions gives us a daily reminder of how the other half lives. Our three know just how to charm snacks and have us both totally wrapped around their little paws. They are so clever at seeking out the sunniest of spots and reclining lazily in the late autumn haze. Oh to be a cat!

Afternoon Cats

They roll out long on dusty paths

in places opportune

where sunlight casts its final shards

Late autumn afternoons

With matted coat they pose and gloat

all blinking eyes and preening

Soon they’ll return to those who dote

their begging tails a leaning

Within warm spots they take their shot

Their nature shrewd and wily

They idle time in secret spots

and lead the life of Riley

No thought for what they might become

For life goes by so soon

Just languish in the fading sun

and seize the…

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