Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – New Bloggers on the Scene – Melanie M. Stewart -The Cable Debacle (2019)

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This series of Posts from Your Archives is exclusively for blogs that are under a year old. It is an opportunity to meet new readers and to show off your writing skills.. All the details are in this post along with some tips on how to make your blog more reader friendly.

This is the second post of Melanie Stewart who blogs at Leaving the Door Open: A Daughter’s stories about an aging parent. Sharing Tips and facts learned along the way. In this post Melanie is faced with a logistical nightmare to get on the road for a trip and deal with a sudden change to her 87 year old mother, Ginny’s cable set up.

The Cable Debacle.

Dennis and I are just completing a 3-day visit with Ginny when she receives a notice from the cable company. They will be converting their signal to digital for…

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