Present Gifts


The Carrot Ranch prompt this week is to write a 99 word story that includes the greatest gift. What a fine thing to consider, for we too often don’t appreciate what we have till it’s gone.

What’s the greatest gift? Is it something so common for many of us, (not all), that it’s easily taken for granted? Air, water. Food, shelter. Life.

The word gift is spoken at births and funerals, times when we pause and consider the wonder and sanctity of life.

We reflect at these comings and goings; how now do we live our Gifts each Day?


Given, Not Gone

 The gift of creation, with free will, was given long ago. Somehow this planet came into being in this solar system; over time each one of us also had a beginning. In our beginnings was wonder, was potential, power, and promise.

That was then, this is…

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