The Red Door

A Curious Narrative

What a day! It had started like any other. Shower, breakfast and out of the door to work. As I left my apartment things got a little weird, I found a letter pinned to my door.

It seemed genuine with my address and a name. Molly Baxter, that’s me if you were wondering. Inside there were just three things an address, directions and an old key. That was it!

What’s a girl to do, I was completely intrigued? It wouldn’t harm to go take a look. It might shed some light on things.

It turned out that it wasn’t too far from my apartment in the riverside quarter. This really is one of the smartest parts of town, old mills and warehouses. All converted into fancy apartments, hotels, wine bars and restaurants.

Call me inquisitive or plain nosy but a letter with a key, address and directions to an address…

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