Like The White Rabbit………….


I’m late. If TWR had a blog, I would be his secretary, and probably fired.
I’ve just posted something I was working on yesterday as I had so much trouble with it, I gave up. That was at 10 to midnight.
My system kept crashing, WP timed me out and then my screen started to flash like some crazy morse code messaging as if someone was trying to access my site.

The heat really got to me last night and Maggie was suffering terribly. I turned the fan on, opened the windows, and slept on the other side of the bed so that she had the one nearest the window. There was no breeze in the silence. In fact, I have never known it this quiet, no traffic, no bird song (we usually have at least one twittering Caruso) and no snores!
I couldn’t sleep, and at 2.30 got up…

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