99 Word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


July 11: Flash Fiction Challenge

July 11, 2019, prompt: “My kingdom for a koala!” In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a koala in a kingdom. You can create a character out of Norah’s koala and give it a Vermont adventure. Or you can make up a story however you want! Can you pull off a BOTS (based on a true story)? Go where the prompt leads!




Mr Tom had walked for miles today

Looking for somewhere to call his own

Not easy, on short koala legs

His journey made longer by

The amount of time needed for sleep

A good eight hours is not good enough for Mr Tom

More like twenty is needed

This kingdom of eucalyptus trees

Had better be the best in the land,

He told himself.

He settled down for a spot of lunch

Then dreamily drifted off into sleep

He dreamt of his friends at the wildlife park

Upon waking, he realised his kingdom

was waiting back there all along…

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