“What have you done lately, to make you feel proud…?”

Identify Your Target Audience…

We are often told we have to do this, being the one sure way of actually ‘making it’ or getting to that most cherished of places, the successful author.

I have lost track of how many articles and blog posts I have read since we started.

We are constantly told that a writing career TAKES A LOT OF WORK and I don’t know about you, but there simply isn’t enough hours in my day to do much more. So the question is this, are we doing the right things in the first place?

Who exactly are your Ideal Readers?

I have thought long and hard about this one. This is the person you should be concentrating on, and building a relationship with. And this is where I am very confused. Surely, most of the people we interact with, are authors just like us, not necessarily readers?

But when you think about it, we are all readers. Some more than others, but I wouldn’t mind betting that how much we read is relevant to how far we go in our respective careers.

Hold on a minute…

Think of all the big names, the very successful authors. You don’t see many of them on Facebook or Twitter, do you? Might that suggest there is another way, or are they simply discarded when not needed anymore?

Are our priorities in the right order?

No matter what some of us do, we don’t seem to make much progress, if any at all. Something seems to be holding us back, and it cannot be the lack of trying. So, back to the original question…

Are we doing the right things?

Being eager to learn, we read and digest all the advice, and implement it (as best we can manage, anyway) and arrive at a point where we cannot possibly squeeze one more thing into our schedules. Even then, we have a sneaky feeling that either some aspects are not being fully utilised, or we have missed the mark completely.

However, we are doing better than we did a year ago, so must be on the right track at least. So, although we ARE doing better, some areas need more thought.

You have probably gathered that this post is trying to teach me something, but if you found it interesting (or not) please leave a comment. They always that say two heads are better than one.

9 thoughts on ““What have you done lately, to make you feel proud…?”

  1. It’s an interesting question.
    (Sour-puss note first) At the bottom of the scale there will always be the hacks who write stuff because they know what sells (and that includes on my list some of the ‘Great & Good’ beloved by the lit,critc circle)
    Now my opinion
    For the ordinary folk who write though it is a very wide question because you never know where, when and with whom you will strike a chord. For ordinary folk who write do not have the luxury of being a ‘Name’
    I think it always comes down to going with your heart. Write with a zest, and enthusiasm, a joy even and that will translate to readers, maybe not all, but a few.
    And just keep on keeping on.
    Anyway that’s my six peneth worth

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  2. Identify Your Target Audience…

    Your post certainly encourages a write to pause & reflect about the “end goal” for their work. Which is so important. BUT it doesn’t drive the “train” aka inspire you to write into the wee hours of the night.

    I would suggest starting from the engine (your passion & unique fingerprint on the content) and then FIND THE TARGET AUDIENCE in the heart & soul of your writing. Rather than in the caboose of your train.

    Please don’t mind my analogies 🙂

    In a nutshell:

    1/ Write from your heart & soul.

    2/ Market from you mind aka .. target audience etc. <== this will reveal itself AFTER your work is complete.

    My 2 cents.

    Andrea 🙂

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