My Firstborn/Yearning #writephoto

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yearning Photo by Sue Vincent

As I watch the tide ebb and flow, I think of you.  I wonder where you and what you look like.  I wonder if you resemble me or if you’re a splitting image of your father.  He and I were both sixteen when you came along.  I wanted to keep you but I couldn’t.  My parents were struggling to take care of six children.  They couldn’t take on any more responsibility.  Your Dad was from a well to do family.  His parents didn’t want him marrying a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.  That summer after they found out that I was pregnant, they sent him away to live with his grandparents.

I used to talk and sing to you.  The more I felt you grow inside me, the stronger my love became.  Giving you up was the hardest thing I have ever done…

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