#Writephoto – Yearning #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Yearning #writephoto


a channel of water flowing out to sea, with the sun reflecting on the water.

Image by Scvincent.com



Sunlit Water

The lonely river runs across the dark land

Searching beneath blistered coloured skies

Sunlit ocean waits below

There is an urgency, a beckoning

To be wanted, welcomed, swallowed by a loving embrace

before Spring winds carry more parts away

To join the circle of return

The river needs to reach the ocean

Before being carried upwards, to return again

An old yearning to leave part of self behind

Safe in the oceans embrace

A place where all things are remembered

Water holds its own with memory older than time

There are many parts of the same body

Water will always find its own

May you also find your loving embrace…



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