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Cartoon: Speed Bump by Dave Coverly
Cartoon: Speed Bump by Dave Coverly

The alarm clock was way too loud. The first alarm is supposed to be a gentle trill, just enough to disturb me. The next two grow increasingly insistent. This one seemed to be what I could only call strident… far too loud for six in the morning. It took what seemed an eternity to realise that it was, in fact, the fire alarm… and, unless the dog had taken it upon herself to cook breakfast and burned the bacon, I should probably investigate.

I threw off the covers and swung my feet to the floor carefully. My back had been giving me hell the day before as a result of all the pond-stuff we’ve been doing lately. I hadn’t slept much, which probably explains the fuzzy thinking. I was expecting to be as stiff as the proverbial board and was pleasantly surprised to find…

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