Tale Weaver – # 225 – Reflection – 30th May.



Miss Marble of 46 Grimace Street was sitting on her veranda watching the goings and comings of the street and reflecting on the long life she had had.

She had been alive a long time and looking back realised how lucky she was. From a simple woman playing with herbs and potions to a witch of considerable power and longevity.

Her longevity was the result of a chance encounter with the Klator, an alien but pleasant race from a distance universe who discovered Miss Marble’s Ju Ju juice potion, essential in keeping them alive. In return for the Juice, they gave Miss Marble a small vial of an elixir which had sustained her throughout the generations.

The Klator arrived on an annual basis, how they got here Miss Marble never quite understood, but each year they’d show up, a vial of the elixir in one hand and an outstretched hand…

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