Thursday Photo Prompt—Wicker #Writephoto —Three sisters

Keep it alive

They have been standing here a long time

Their aim was to deter the pestilence from destroying

The old city and the fertile fields surroundingit

The city and its people have long moved away from this place

But they are standing here as a reminder of what they were

The three sisters, or some called them the three witches

Their appearance is of dried sticks and lifeless bodies

But in the heart of these creatures lies the ancient power

No one can harm them or move them from their place

And if you stick around at the time of the blood moon

You can see their bone chilling dance when they come to life


For visually challenged writers, the image shows three figures that seem to be female and made of branches, with their hands joined.

A prompt by Sue Vincent

Thursday Photo Prompt–Wicker #Writephoto



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