Editing Challenge: 7 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Book

Jen Lowry Writes

I’ve heard from my author friends who email me from the Jen Lowry Writes podcast (jenlowrywrites@gmail.com), and I’m now personally challenged to try recording my book during the editing phase.

I’ve thought about the benefits of recording my work, and I want to share 7 reasons why you should, too.

  1. It can help you hear the pacing.
  2. If you stumble over sentences, tighten them up. You are like me and are too wordy!
  3. Practice dialogue.
  4. It can help you catch exaggerated words that you tried to use to sound fancy but come off pretentious … so, go with the simple word instead.
  5. Is it pleasing to hear? Do you have parts that make you sigh and lean back? Do you have times when you lean forward on the seat of your chair? If the answer is no, it drones on and on, fix your descriptions and flow.
  6. You might not…

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