The handywoman’s hat

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My son and I looked at the fishpond,
“You must get that sorted,” says I.
“‘Cause the water is green,
And the fish can’t be seen,
And they need TLC or they’ll die.”

So my son took a look…it’s not easy,
‘Cause his eyesight can’t make it that far,
“We need to act fast
Or the sturgeon won’t last!
Can you get a new pump in the car?”

Now, being as I am not Samson
And the filter and pump weigh a ton,
He priced up and shivered
But got it delivered,
“We’ll just set it up and we’re done.”

Now, that’s all well and dandy in theory,
There is more to the business than that,
I sought clips and hosing
(While he sat home dozing),
Then put on my handyman’s hat.

I fitted the plugs to the wires,
And assembled the pump at first try.
The next bit meant…

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