DIY calls


We’re at it again, or should I say Hubby is.
One of the last things on the Snag List is to paint the small bedroom.
Although the property was clean and presentable when we moved in, it has transpired that cheaper paint was used and original colours and defects have been pushing their way through. The spare room has been getting Hubby down, much like the kitchen, and as we have now discovered we need to replace the bed (which only set us back £20 anyway), it is an ideal time to decorate.

We had the paint already, so it was just a case of moving everything to the centre of the (7′ x 9′) room, taking down the curtains and removing everything from the walls.
We discovered we didn’t have a ground sheet, having used it for something else some time ago (what I can’t remember), so Hubby went…

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