Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

No ball outside the bathroom door
No muddy trace of canine feet
There is no dog hair on the floor
The house looks shiny, clean and neat.

Outside the pigeons on the fence
Can bill and coo without a fight
No tapping claws upon the wood
To wake me in the dead of night.

No ceaseless begging for a walk,
Nor am I plagued to play at fetch…
It sounds ideal, you must admit,
But honestly? I feel a wretch…

I miss her when she isn’t here
I miss the snores and her demands
I miss her joyous, bounding glee
I miss her wet nose in my hand.

While I must wander north alone,
She’s left me for a better place
With dogs and boys with whom she’ll play…
But I feel that I’m in disgrace.

She went away a day too soon,
And bounded off with walks in store

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