Merlin and Morgain Reunited -Thursday photo prompt: Blade #writephoto

Strange Goings On In The Shed

wales-164 Image: Sue Vincent

The wily mage has decided to make an appearance for this challenge, I suppose he has a good reason for doing so. He’s also brought a companion. Without further ado I present to you my offering to the Thursday Photo Prompt.

Thursday photo prompt: Blade #writephoto

She stands in the woodland, hidden from all but the tall figure walking towards the small amphitheatre. He’s acutely aware of her presence, one thought to have been vanquished into oblivion so long ago. Morgain Le Fay. A smile crosses his lips, one edged with laconic humour and reminiscence. It seems they must join forces once more. He stops at the entrance to the amphitheatre and turns to face the woodland on the hill. A hand is raised in greeting.

Morgain responds in kind and emerges from the shelter of the trees. The sunlight plays over her figure, gilding it gently. Her…

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