The Riddle of Twelfth Night

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While trudging through the thick snow with her team, Judy
Morrison’s mind was in overdrive. For years, she’d been trying to solve the
puzzle of the thirteenth day of Christmas, something mankind had mistakenly taken
for granted, and was now almost on the verge of solving the riddle.

Image credit: Pixabay

Everybody thought that Christmas had twelve days, yet why
did the twelfth night of Christmas fall on the thirteenth day?

Jonathan, Judy’s boyfriend, had given her twelve gifts: one on each day of the twelve days of Christmas. On the night he gave her gift number eleven, the night of January 4th, Judy had visions that the team were being watched by a mysterious force. As the clock struck midnight, and the twelfth day of Christmas arrived, Judy woke screaming from a terrible nightmare.  

“What’s wrong,” asked Jonathan, rubbing his eyes, as the
cold winds battered…

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