The Polar Shift #Nonet, & #Speculative Fiction

Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

Diana Peach, from Myths of the Mirror, is hosting a monthly speculative fiction writing challenge on her blog. She even said we could write poetry!! At the beginning of the month, she gives us an image to base our story or poetry on. That’s it. Super simple and lots of fun!

I even incorporated the words from my Weekly Poetry challenge, using synonyms only. I used “secretive” for mystery, and “beguiling” for attract. There are many ways to incorporate your love of writing poetry into your other writing. Have FUN! (Please do not link your stories or poetry to this post. Go to the links above and follow the instructions). ❤

sea god
and the most beguiling
deity found on earth,
rose from the bright turquoise seas
unaware that climate change had
laid waste the balmy shores he adored
as frigid gales transformed him into stone.

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