#Speculativefictionwritingchallenge – Glass Mountain

The line of boys marched steadily towards the mountain. It reared up suddenly, its frozen slopes steep and forbidding in the constant grey twilight.

Jack sighed. He didn’t like climbing and would love to know who dreamed up this ridiculous challenge for the new boys. No-one had ever attempted to climb the sheer cliffs of the mountain which was aptly named “Glass Mountain.”

The troop of boys were all well protected from the ferocious cold by their thick fur-lined jackets with hoods, fur-lined trousers, gloves and waterproof and tough hiking boots. They all carried ice picks, ropes and other climbing aids. They wore snow glasses but their vision was still impaired by the continuously falling snow.

Training for this event had started on the boys first day at their unusual boarding school for future environmentalists in the frigid wastes of the Arctic.  High climbing walls had been installed for this…

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