#writephoto – Inside the Tomb – #shortstory

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

She knew of no other way to get the message to him but to sneak inside the tomb and leave it there. A red rose would signal it was definitely from her. Waiting for the dark of night, she crept her way in and quietly placed the note on the first soldier, a stone statue, laying on the ground. She never remembered it being knocked over, and oddly, there was not a crack in it. It was as if it had carefully laid itself down on the floor, but stones can’t move on their own, she reminded herself.

Night was falling quickly, and the crypt was growing darker by the minute. Shadows, from the moonlight, painted pictures on the walls. She couldn’t chance lighting a torch, for fear she’d be seen where she should not be. Tiptoeing, leaning her hands against the walls, she headed for the opening in the…

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