The Meaning of Life Part 5 (maybe)

All About Life

“What’s going on down there now?” said with delicate mastication and a small spray of biscuit crumbs

“Don’t sneak up on me like that! You made me jump and look…oh bugger….I’ve spilled my tea” There is much huffing and ineffectual wiping that does little to stem the steady flow as it makes its way across the desk

“So much for ‘all seeing'” snickers quietly

“What was that? Hmmm what did you say?” It’s surprising how effective hearing can become when an insult is in the wind.

“Nothing boss. Anyway, what’s going? Anything interesting?” He looks down onto the factory floor, trying to divert his bosses attention, not realising for several seconds that his left elbow is resting in a puddle of rapidly cooling tea “Sod it!”

“Mind your language! Not very much to be honest, all the usual: nice people being shot and complete bastards enjoying life; you know how…

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