Cut to the Bone

Stevie Turner

Rather a disconcerting article of news last night.  In one of the England’s poorest areas in the north of the country the police budget has fallen by a third, causing a shortage of 500 officers.  Police are overwhelmed, the crime rates have risen, and volunteers are now patrolling the streets at night  to deter criminals.  One builder stated that he’d had £1500 of tools stolen, but he had managed to solve the crime himself.  He knew a guy who knew a guy who knew some ‘hard men’.  He had pointed the hard men in the direction of those who had probably stolen the equipment, and hey presto, most of the tools had been miraculously recovered.

This reminds me of the ‘Death Wish’ series of films starring Charles Bronson, where our Charles had turned into some sort of vigilante, patrolling the streets and wiping out the bad guys.  Bodies piled up…

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