Moving to the music

Tallis Steelyard

11) Moving to the music

Thela Drane was very much the baby of the family. This can often mean the child is particularly spoiled and cosseted. In the case of the Drane family it has to be admitted that Taffetia had never been the most domineering mother. As her older children seemed to get on perfectly well without their mother ordering them about, she became even less controlling, so by the time Thela arrived on the scene, parental control consisted of an expectation that you would turn up for meals.

As a small pudgy toddler, Thela had always jigged about gracelessly to any tune that was played. As she grew older she inveigled Taffetia into paying for dancing lessons. This wasn’t enough. By the time she was fourteen, Thela was climbing out of her bedroom window after the family had retired to bed and would make her way as quietly as possible to the end…

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