Iain Kelly

Another motel, another room, another picture on the wall. This one a broad wearing suspenders changing the tyre on a car. It wasn’t the worst one I’d seen.

Too many pillows on the bed. I picked one up and sat it on my lap, my back sat against the huge cushioned headboard.

The bedside lamp threw shadows up the wall and across the ceiling. It threw a shadow over the gun pointing at me from the corner of the room.

‘Been waiting long?’

‘Anytime spent in this dump is too long.’ she answered.

‘I’ve been in worse.’

She stood and slinked across the room. ‘Where is it?’

‘I was told to give it to Mickey.’

‘Mickey won’t be able to make it,’ her eyes flickered at the gun and I knew I wouldn’t ever see Mickey again.

‘What if I told you I don’t have it?’

The first look of…

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