Hugo and Amadahy (pt 20)

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“Stay in bed.”  Hugo mumbled as he tossed his arm over her.  She shrugged his arm off and leaned in to kiss him before she hurried out into the cold, morning air.  She didn’t blame him for wanting to stay in bed.  Their separation had been hard on both of them, but had both needed to heal alone before they healed together.  She hurried to relieve herself, and then set out to the  area Hugo had cleared for the castle he was building.  

Ramsay was building a nest in that area, and Amadahy wanted to bring her a basket of food to help out while she was using most of her time and energy to build.  The rising sun peeked between the trees.  She followed the song that grew louder as she neared, and hummed her own song as she walked.

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