A Close Call

Stevie Turner

We were watching TV on Thursday night when the phone rang.  Sam usually answers it as my voice is croaky and never comes over very well to the person on the other end of the line.  I put the film on ‘pause’, and listened to lots of ‘Good Gods’, ‘Wows’, and ‘Bloody hells’.  Of course as soon as he put the phone down I couldn’t wait to find out who it was and what had happened.

It transpired that our daughter-in-law Lisa had taken her 6 year old son to his school disco that evening, and had parked the car on a narrow road outside the school.  The school is Victorian, and was built in the time of horses and carts and not Range Rovers and Chelsea tractors.  Our son and his wife have neither of the aforementioned, but instead a much-loved Ford Mondeo that they’ve had since the early…

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