Lessons Learnt From Two Years Writing Under This Name.

Holly Evans

I’ve been looking back over my publishing history for this name. I think it’s natural given I’m starting a new name in the new year.

I’m aware some people are going to be snarky assholes about this post, because they never make mistakes, and are always perfect businesswomen. 🙄

This blog and post is about helping my fellow indies though. I’ve never been here to show off how much money I have, or how much money I earn. I’ve been here to really help indies, through my successes and failures. And to be frank, I’m calling this name a failure.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learnt a lot.

Most of my mistakes come from the fact that I don’t have a rich husband to loan me tens of thousands of dollars to throw into frivolous business decisions until I finally got lucky. I am the breadwinner. That means there’s a…

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