#BlogBattle Stories: Cave



October 2018 Blog Battle Entries

“Dreaming” by Anita Dawes

“The Time Paradox” by Gary Jefferies

“Cave Trip” by The Dark Netizen

“A Meditative Journey into the Cave of Fear” by Sha’Tara

“Cave” by Amelia

“Cave” by OnlineGirl

“La Puerta de Siempre” by Rachael Ritchey

“Grotto in the Gulf” by Joy E. Rancatore

“The Celestial Temple” by Simon Farnell

“Under Pressure” by Fiction FanAddict

“The Deadline” by B @ Becoming the Muse

“My Heart is a Cave” by M. J. Mallon

“Cave” by Intentergy

It’s not too late! Get your story written and posted! Leave a link in the comments here, and we’ll add you to the list. 🙂

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