Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday November 1st 2018 – Lisa Burton with Robbie Cheadle, Annette Rochelle Aben #spells and Sue Vincent with Dorinda Duclos

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Welcome to the blogger daily where I share a small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last couple of days. If you are an author, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your main character interviewed?  Lisa Burton who is P A to Craig Boyack and radio presenter extraordinaire.. will oblige. This week her guest is Elsie… the focus of While the Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle and her mother Elsie Hancy Eaton.

Lisa BurtonWelcome all you air raid wardens, and Home Guard members. Put out that light, and turn your radio up. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you the characters from the books you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and I’m waiting for a call. I hope everything is okay.

“Hello. Yes, I’ll accept the charges. Haven’t heard of a collect call in a…

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