Smorgasbord Health Column – A- Z of Common Conditions – Arthritis – Rheumatoid

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I know that many of you who follow the blog will have seen the arthritis posts before but it is now two years since these posts and for those new to Smorgasbord, I hope you find useful.

There is no doubt that for most people once they are into their 50’s they might experience pain associated with movement. We tend to think only in terms of twotypes of arthritis. Rheumatoid and Osteo- Arthritis but as you will see that is not the case.

To be specific there are nearly 200different forms of arthritis but the most common that we suffer from, particularly as we get older are Rheumatoid, Osteo and gout. I will cover Osteo- Arthritis and Gout week. Although my main focus is on the foods to avoid and those to include in your diet, I will in the next posts talk about some of the…

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