Bras and Hairdressers….

All About Life

How on earth can those two things possibly be connected I hear you ask. Good question and one that I, like you, would not have contemplated until the other day when I found myself in the hair salon for my six weekly torture session  trim. As many of you know I do not enjoy being stuck in front of a mirror for an hour at a time while someone does creative things with scissors and hair gum (what is that?!?!?) but needs must…..

I have grown to quite like my new hairdresser as he doesn’t laugh at my French, doesn’t expect me to make inane conversation about the weather or my next holiday and does a good job with my hair (yes, that does come third on that particular list). Anyhoo, this time he was busy snipping away and teeny tiny bits of hair were sticking to every centimetre of…

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