Sunday Whirl Wordle #372


Here we go with this week’s Sunday Whirl

She’d seen the ad in the corner shop

‘Say goodbye to your aches and pains.
Join us in meditation Tuesday nights at 7pm in the Village Hall.
£5 per person.’

Her back had been giving her hell these past few days, so she thought why not.
Always worth a try and for a fiver a lot cheaper than a chiropractor.

The room was in semi darkness and smoke blossomed from giant matches, blurring her vision.
A gowned woman took her money and told her to lie on the floor. Droning voices bruised her ears but she felt it only polite to listen.
Savour the moment,’ they chanted over some irritating tinklebell music.
‘Feel your body become numb and allow yourself to drift to the edges of your mind.’
This was repeated time and time again, but no mention of…

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