With The Going Out Of The Tide #writephoto #flashfiction


The old man stepped onto the rock, wobbling a little. The breeze tugged at his beard. He stretched his shoulders and breathed in deeply, taking a couple of uncertain steps forward. The water lapped at his feet

‘So what do you think, dad?’

The older man shrugged. ‘Nice sky.’

The younger man clicked his teeth, not really trying to hide his irritation. ‘But the water? What about the water?’

The older man stared at the gently lapping wave. How the hell did he know?

‘How old are you?’

‘What? Last birthday I was ninety seven or maybe twenty seven depending on whose translation you believe.’

‘You need to start drawing your own conclusions.’

‘When did you start delegating decision making?’ The younger man threw a stone and it skipped over the water. That at least was one skill they’d all honed. ‘You and the Big Guy had a bit of…

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