The joys of writing and bonsai…

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As much as I love a good book, I also love many other beautiful things. Like the bonsai in the picture above for instance, I think it is stunning. I wish my own bonsai looked as good.

I have been writing a series of murder mystery novels, inspired by the books I have read and all Anita’s work that I have helped to publish. Whether they will be any good at all remains to be seen, but I am determined to give it my best shot. After all, I think I am a good editor/proofer, so what do I have to lose?

Anita started writing when her life was at a low ebb. She always said that losing herself in creating fictional plots and characters turned out to be very therapeutic- not to mention relaxing and soothing, the list of advantages seemed to go on and on. Also, knowing she was in control of this brave new world, controlling everything that happens, was a very special feeling.
Anita used to tell me that sometimes the characters took over and told her what they wanted to do. Something I have since discovered myself and it is truly amazing!

As Anita’s editor, the process worked for me too. It was bliss to immerse myself in this newly discovered world.
Mostly tired (or sick) of the way the ordinary world is, what better than to create a world where literally everything can be the way you want it? A chance to show the world that life doesn’t have to be like that. A chance to experience what your heart desires, if only for a while.
But do it well enough and it will be remembered.

I can see a similarity with writing and my bonsai hobby. Some of mine I have grown from seed and tended and cared for, trained, encouraged and celebrated as beautiful things. Patience is the first thing you learn when you get involved with a bonsai, for they grow so slowly and some of them live longer than we do. I sometimes think they need as much care and attention as children do, and I love them just as much.  Hopefully my efforts with the pencil will be just as rewarding for me…







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