Clearing Your Plate

Stevie Turner

It’s funny how your upbringing, or the way you’ve raised your children, comes back to bite you sometimes, especially when it comes to food.

I was brought up never to worry about leaving food on my plate if I didn’t want it.  My mother Dot often went short of food as a child, and so made up for it by putting all manner of foods in front of me.  However, I was a strong-willed, fussy child and refused to eat much.  Sam as a boy had to empty every scrap of food from his plate even if he was full up, and had to sit at the table until all the food had been eaten (he soon learned to chuck it out of the window on the rare occasions when his mother wasn’t looking!).  This had an unfortunate drawback; Sam, his parents, and his sisters all became overweight, and it…

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