8 Ways Scrivener Assists Writers

Story Empire

When I originally gave Scrivenera whirl several years I didn’t know how the software worked. But I read several articles and posts about how other writers put this writing tool to good use. I took my time working through the provided tutorial after which I began using it with increasing regularity.

Over the time I’ve used Scrivener, I shifted to using it for almost all of my writing. I’m so impressed with its usefulness, I’ve begun writing about this software to share my ideas. I’m getting lots of mileage out of blogging with it and used it for my newsletter and other writing projects, including freelance assignments.

Here are 8 ways Scrivener boosts my efforts as a writer:

  1. I’m better organized from the beginning of projects. Because Scrivener is an organizational tool, I’m able to develop structure from the beginning of the project.
  2. I can easily make changes to…

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