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Fresh out of college, Charlotte is running the Wayfarer’s Inn, a castle in the middle of farmland that gives humans the chance to vacation amongst mermaids, centaurs, elves, and dwarves. The guests don’t know that the magic is real, but Charlotte does. For now. She hasn’t developed powers like her father, so now she must either marry into the magical world or have her memory wiped and live on her own.

What’s a girl to do?

Her parents throw her a last chance ball to find a suitable husband within the magical world, but the dancing is interrupted. Join Charlotte and many magical characters, old and new, as she ditches the ball gown, picks up the quarterstaff, and begins a journey that will expose the secrets her family has kept from her.
Secrets that could kill.


Our Review

I haven’t read a book in the Fantasy genre since Lord of the Rings, but something about the book description for Phoenix Incandescent captured my interest immediately. I found it to be well written and full to the brim with enchantment, dragons, elves and all manner of mystical beings in a fascinating world to rival Middle Earth!

I especially liked the passage at the start of every chapter, such a clever addition to the story.

Charlotte Locklear has not inherited her parent’s powers, so will have to marry into their world or be banished forever. Her parents arrange a special coming out Ball so Charlotte can choose a partner. But along with the suitors, dark forces are present, intent on causing the maximum mayhem and destruction.

Her friend Beau, a magnificent bronze eagle/man does his best to keep Charlotte safe, and I soon fell in love with him.

The amount of unusual characters is staggering and I found it hard to keep up with at first, but the author handles them all perfectly and I felt at home with them all in no time.

This story is so easy to read and I slipped into the Magani world as though I belonged there, such is the power of the author’s imagination. It has every magical element you could think of and the struggle between good and evil will have you on the edge of your seat.

I didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as LOR, but to be honest, where LOR can be hard work and too focussed on war, Phoenix Incandescent is thoroughly exciting and delightfully easy to enjoy from start to finish.

The ending more than prepares you for the next book in the series, and I for one, cannot wait to read it!


Excerpt from Phoenix Incandesent

There was an increase in fuss over her presence until Triton smashed his trident into the ground and a geyser of water shot out of it.  “Let the Dane-weaver speak.  Most of us have watched her grow up.  It is completely fair that she speak on behalf of her family.”    

Charlotte looked at him and gathered strength from the acceptance in his eyes.  “Thank you, sir.”     The room settled down, and she spoke again.  “While I may not have power or gifts, I can help us when we need things from the Dane world.” 

Many in the room shook their heads or rolled their eyes. 

“It is the truth!  And I can give you my heart.”

“You aren’t part of the magical world!”  Somebody shouted out.  “You can’t fight!”  Another argued.  “You are a child!” Yelled a voice in the back of the room.

  “I’m as much a part of the magical world as anybody else here is.”  Charlotte argued back.  “What I don’t know, I’ll learn.”  She scanned the room.  “I can’t do anything about my age, but I’m willing to bet that my age could also be an asset.”  She smirked.  “How old are some of you in here?  I’ve heard your knees creaking up our steps.”

Laughter filled the room.  “Let her be.”  A woman cried out.  “She’s got spunk.” “If she wants to be a foolish woman-girl, then who are we to stop her?”  A man near the front said.  

“Then let it be so,” said Barnabas as he stood up by Charlotte.  “If you wish to remain in the castle, please check in with Josef at the front desk.  We will meet again as soon as we hear from the group we sent out.”  He bowed to the room.  “For the Alliance!”

“The Alliance!”  The room echoed him. Charlotte stepped down from the stage.  It was good, this joining of the magical community.  But she still felt left out.  Would they really let her be part of it?  Would that extend far enough to let her keep her memories?  She watched Barnabas roll her father out of the room.  She took a step forward.  It was time for answers…




About the Author

Child Wrangler by day, Word Wrangler by night. AEM resides in central Oklahoma with her husband and four children. She hangs up her apron in exchange for the laptop she “borrowed” from her husband. Her book notes have recipes for play dough and drawings by her children. Her husband brings her books rather than flowers. She wouldn’t have it any other way.


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