Friday Writing Question… kind of

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Hi, Gang, Craig here again, and today my assignment is a “writing question.” We try to stay on a rotation for Friday’s, and we have assigned topics. My problem is what to do with this topic. See, nobody asked me a question that I could answer. I could ask a question here, and hope you guys will answer it. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that just isn’t my style. Sooooo…

We’re going to talk about the pet character in fiction. I’m using this term, but it applies to any animals and even things like SIRI or other artificial intelligence characters. For you paranormal fans, maybe it’s Grandpa’s haunted tiki mug.

Firstly, the pet is a side character. They exist in the story for a reason that relates to another character, usually the main character.

I find them useful when you have a loner…

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