No Angels…


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Death screamed around me, tearing at my mind. A sound no one should ever hear. Hot nails clawed at my skin, tearing the wings from my back.

A voice whispered close, “There are no angels in Hell. You must find your way out before you become one of us. The sins of those here will stick to you, if you let this happen you will be here forever…”

I heard myself screaming, “How do I get out?” But the voice was gone.

The screaming faded into the background of my mind. My wings were could feel the bleeding stumps, hot burning remains of what I once was. Why did I try to rescue Lucifer? He chose his path and I should have left him to it.

My companions tried to warn me. Could they help me to find a way out?

I could hear their voices high above me. Safe, free from sin.

I had not set eyes on God’s favourite angel and felt he might be hiding from me. Was he as afraid as I felt? Was he trying to find his way back?

I had the feeling this was wishful thinking for Lucifer had a strong mind, one not easy to change. There was no way he would help me out of here.

The thought barely left my mind when I saw his shining face. Why was he so untouched by the flames of Hell? Was he master here now?

He spoke with the same sweet voice and placed his hand upon my shoulder, he said, “You should not be here, Michael…”

Suddenly I was back where I belonged, my wings as white as snow. Doing what I always do, looking out for those of you on Earth. You see, angels have nightmares too…

Anita Dawes

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