Is Anybody There?

Stevie Turner

Last week Sam and I went along to a local evening of clairvoyance featuring the medium Ryan Gooding, who has gained a good reputation for his work and has appeared on TV in the ‘Celebrity Haunted Mansion’ series.

There were about 150 people in the room, and we noticed that only 4 of them were men.  Sam regards these events with a great deal of scepticism, and I can only assume that the majority of men feel the same way.   Ryan started off the meeting by saying that he was surrounded by many dead people trying to get through!

There were some ladies there, Ryan’s ‘stalkers’, who appear at most of his evenings. He made a point of acknowledging them and reminding them of an earlier meeting when he had forewarned a couple that a car was going to crash into their house.  The women remembered that the husband…

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