Who has seen you naked? #humor #AboutMe

Barb Taub

Inaugural run of Arran Gin!

On his post Friday Night Clam Bake – #20: Philosophical Musings about Nudity and Unregulated Morality, the ever-hilarious Brian Lageose posed a series of questions designed to reveal things which probably should not, upon sober reflection, ever see the light of day. Unfortunately for her, my daughter came to celebrate my birthday, and I wanted to make sure she experienced the highlights of my life on a little Scottish Island. But this weekend, the highlights were limited by nonstop torrential downpours, so I had to make do with generous samples of local produce. Specifically Arran Gin, Arran Distillery, and Arran Beer. Obviously, I can’t be held responsible for the following answers.

1. Do you happily eat the licorice jellybeans, or do you hurl them aside in wretched disgust?

I eat the licorice ones first.

I admire them. They’re not there to win the swimsuit…

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