Throwback Thursday: Am I Losing My Edge?


I have begun to realise something monumental, lately.

Something that could be significant, although I’m not sure how.

Not sure how to explain it either, but I’ll try.

For quite a while now, I have been unable to do much of anything after 9pm. The brain just refuses, and I put it down to tiredness and thought nothing of it.

But just lately, this has been getting earlier and earlier, and the funny thing is, I don’t feel particularly tired. It feels as though someone throws a switch, leaving me incapable of rational thought. Any kind of thought, come to think of it!

After 6pm these days, I can still function, watch TV or read a book, but don’t ask me about any of it. I am beginning to feel like an evening robot.

I’m not unduly worried. There is no pain or confusion, and the brain works perfectly well all day. I say perfectly well, but do still have the odd weird thing going on, like trying to put the milk in the bin. And I repeatedly forget why I went upstairs, only to remember when I come back down again.

Am I wearing my brain out these days, a natural thing, or is there something more serious going on? No one in our family has ever developed dementia or Alzheimer’s, so I have no clear idea of what to look for. I don’t feel ill or anything, and it doesn’t bother me that after 6pm I can’t think straight.

I am 74 years old, so it is conceivable that something could have decided to malfunction. It happens to everything else around me.  The PC, keyboard, toaster, TV and just yesterday the microwave. So why not me too?

And no, I will not be bothering my doctor with it. Not a lot he can do about it anyway, right?

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Am I Losing My Edge?

  1. Forgetfulness can happen to us all. I have often tried to put the milk in the cupboard, kettle in the fridge, sprayed my hair with deodorant etc. It’s mostly because I have too many things going around in my head and I’m not focusing on the mundane every day tasks.
    No harm in mentioning it to the doctor next time you have an appointment though.

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  2. It could be a case of ‘system overload’ with a great deal of things on your mind, the brain is a physical organ too, fatigue can set in. It is worth a mention to your doctor, otherwise the worry about it will add an extra layer of pressure. In our surgery there are posters up encouraging people to check for the causes of such symptoms.
    Take care

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  3. Go, check it out, and then start doing crosswords, or puzzles, or those number games (what are they called again?). it focuses the brain and won’t let it wander off on its own.
    Yeah, I know Sudoku … or, as I say it (just to annoy people who take life way too seriously), Suduko.

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