Open Book Blog Hop – August 13th

Stevie Turner

This week the topic is:

‘What is your biggest fear?  What random and innocuous thing makes your skin crawl?’

I have a few, which are equally fear-inducing.  The first one is any large dog running towards me that is not on a lead, after having been attacked aged 10 by an Alsatian.  Last week when out walking down a narrow footpath on the Island I was faced with this very situation, but decided to look down at the ground, ignore the dog, and keep walking.  The owners were not very far behind and the dog carried on walking past me without incident.  However, my heart rate had increased somewhat!

The next one is getting stung by a bee or wasp, as now after radiotherapy I am even more allergic to them than before.  My neck swells up making speech impossible and breathing difficult unless I have my steroids and anti-histamines…

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