35 Pointless Things You Can Try to Make Your Dream of One Day Becoming An Author Go Away #MondayBlogs #Writer


You have been dreaming about becoming an author all your life. To you, this recurring dream is a million times more powerful than your other life dreams; winning the lottery, walking on the moon, recording your own pop single and being asked to dance your own version of Swan Lake with a national ballet company at forty-four years of age and with no formal dance training.

This annoying author dream has reached the nagging stage. It won’t leave you alone.

Sadly your author dream starts to feel unobtainable. Stories of rejection and writer despair nibble away at you. You struggle to write a book, because you have so little time. At times, you question why you put so much effort into writing and do not get instant results. Your draft book makes you feel sick when you look at it and you can only imagine your father buying your debut…

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