Happy Birthday – 70th!



I can’t believe I am now 70 YEARS OLD! Yikes! Where did the years go? There have been ups and downs but I am still here and kicking strong!

My husband surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of mixed roses. I love it! Each rose signifies the following:

Red – love, beauty, courage and respect, etc.

White – purity, innocence, reverence, etc.

Yellow – joy, friendship, gladness, etc.

Each rose displays how I feel about my thoughtful, kind, and loving husband of 19 years. He gave me red roses two weeks ago on our anniversary. Poor guy. I should have thought about that when we set our wedding day – too close to my birthday. It keeps him on his toes. Ha!

Tomorrow my two wonderful children and their equally fantastic spouses are giving me a birthday cookout at my son’s house. My grandchildren will…

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