The small dog, the storm and the toothpaste

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I went to bed wearing the toothpaste* again
And not orally, you understand,
Cause the mozzies and midges and small bitey things
Have decided to invade the land.

With the first warmer weather they stirred in the nest
Where they’ve waited all winter in sleep,
The earth was a-buzz with the sound of their wings
Joined by others that slither and creep.

For the spring had returned, bringing colour and life
So the world woke to birdsong at dawn.
There were miniature marvels around every bloom
And a whole universe in the lawn.

But then, being England, it started to rain
And with thundery clouds in the sky,
The whole ruddy lot of them headed indoors
Looking for somewhere warmer to fly.

The dog took exception to thundering skies
As she bravely faced lightning and rain
To stand in the garden and bark at the clouds
But each day they…

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