A Magical Relationship?



I spotted this POST the other day about the magical relationship between writers and their notebooks by one of my favourite bloggers and instantly knew she was talking about me. It had to be because I have a thing about notebooks. Notebooks are an essential part of being a writer, and they should be attractive to look at.

This is so important for the magical element of writing, as only good things can be written in such a notebook, and consequently, only brilliance can ever find its way out of one.

The difference between hastily scribbled, barely decipherable notes on scraps of paper and your notebook entries is nothing short of amazing. One important difference is the fact that your notebook entries will at least be readable. I mean, you will be using your very best handwriting in your notebook, won’t you?

I know I do. I simply cannot spoil it with any of my messy scrawl!

Because of the special nature of notebooks, you will write better content in them too. A strange magic occurs when you open an attractive notebook, as it is almost a challenge to produce something special. Something that almost never happens with scraps of paper or post-it notes.

Our book, Lazy Days, about our first family holiday on a boat on the Norfolk Broads, was born in a notebook. Originally called our Captains Log, we wrote down everything that happened and everywhere we went. It was fun but only intended to be a keepsake. Nearly forty years later, we turned it into a book. All of our family loved reading it and remembering our adventure…


4 thoughts on “A Magical Relationship?

  1. I gave up on fancy notebooks quite a few years ago. I would buy them and they’d sit unused because I didn’t want to fill them up with ‘scibblings’ (as opposed to deep-and-meaningful gems for posterity) … I finally had to laugh at myself and ended up giving them away. (they made great presents 🙂 ) bought myself a ream of cheap loose-leaf lined pages and went to town. 😀

    • I use a ton of the cheap scribble pads for outlining and sorting things out, but for all those things I must remember, like memorable quotes, poetry and those complicated instructions, I have my lovely notebooks!

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