Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

clayton 047I was beneath the treetops when the rain came,

Sheltered by the whisper of the beeches

And great oaks,

Leaves unfurling,

Copper and green

In the springtime.

clayton 026I was by the water when the light flared,

Silvering the surface as it rippled.

Rhythmic waves,

Eternal ebb and flow,

Mirroring the heavens

On the shoreline.

clayton 054I was in the sunlight when the wind blew,

Whipping through my hair and in the heather.

Holding me,

Ephemeral embrace

In my wandering

On the hillside.

revelation 3 252I was above the sunset when the tears came.

Higher than the seagulls’ plaintive calling,

Not lonely,

In solitude and grace

My heart flew with you

To your horizon.

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